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We provide various Motorized Treadmill Accessories, such as Magnetic Upright Bike, fitness racing bike, Magnetic Exercise Bikes, Treadmill Accessories, Motorized Treadmill, Multi Gyms, Racing Bike, Commercial Treadmill and Exercise Bike.
AeroHike Incline Treadmill
JK's AeroHike offers an optional model with an integrated desktop. Enjoy working or reading on the desk while walking. It's effective and efficient for busy people to keep work-life balance in the modern world of over-sedentary life.
AC Motor Motorized Treadmill for Commercial Use GOTECH 9967
Description JKexer, a customer-oriented manufacturer of fitness equipment for more than 30 years. Our main products include commercial motorized treadmills and home use motorized treadmills, magnetic exercise bikes, indoor fitness cycles, elliptical trainers, rowing machine and gym equipment. We provide high quality exercise equipment manufactured in Taiwan with good prices and brand of JKexer stands for our long-term commitment to our customers. With our full range fitness products and decades-long experiences in the industry, there is no need to take your demands to several different suppliers. Consistent quality, fast delivery and impeccable services make JKexer your global partner in the field of fitness business. Contact us today!



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JK, based in Taiwan since 1981, is a customer-oriented professional manufacturer of Commercial and Home-use Fitness Equipment. For over 30 years, we have been providing a wide range of innovative and high quality Motorized Treadmills, Indoor Fitness Cycles, Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines and Multi-gyms, name few of them, coupled with impeccable service and support. By following strict design standards and using only the highest quality materials combining with the extensive background in the fitness industry, JK ensures its customers state-of-the-art fitness equipment. The prestigious brands of JKexer and FitLux stand for our long-term commitment to all the customers.

With the wealth of know-how, experiences in manufacturing, expertly trained R&D team as well as highly trained product specialists/staff accompanied with our sound management and passion, JK is an excellent partner for your company's sustainable development. Contact us without hesitation!


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